Events in Detail for Wholistic Peace Institute 2015 

Please join us for our February Friday Peace Lunch; our celebrated local photographer Charles King will display his photos of war and peace and from his many trips to Cambodia. He will also discuss how the Khmer Rouge basically emptied Phnom Penh many years ago; a population the size of Portland and then marched them 200 miles to the south for re education in Marxist ways; killing many in the process. All for their view of what was right; today there are many such groups in the world that mirror the fanatical-ness of the Khmer Rouge; today we are overwhelmed by the atrocities of the fanatical Muslim terrorists – our modern day Khmer Rouge; Charles will offer some views on how fanaticism cannot continue.

Thank you so much for supporting our GALA: Education for Peace; the DVD is ready and a free copy will be sent to everyone who renews their WPI membership or joins this year; go to our web page to join. Also thanks so much for supporting our January peace lunch with Arun Gandhi and our three Heart of Gold winners for 2014: Kathy Larson; Lee Larson; Ray Jubitz!! Peace, Gary.

Gary Alan Spanovich, Executive Director

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