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Peacemaking Institute whose mission is to "stop the killing" whether by war or risk of nuclear annihilation, shootings, physical or emotional abuse, or human rights violations, by relying on the wisdom of the    Nobel Peace Laureates

CNN OPINION DEMONSTRATES THINGS ARE CHANGING DAILY -- WE MUST STAY ALERT and VIGILANT   THERE IS MUCH AT STAKE and LET's FACE IT,   AMERICA CAN DO BETTER    Preparedness rather than federal level bickering and finger pointing -- Each Locale should have dependable contact tracing system, simple safe rapid testing, and workplace safety plans. 


Granted we are on the Left Coast and in a relatively benign locale for the coronavirus, yet his insights are real -- this is a country that denies its shortcomings and must learn from the other countries and become better prepared for the inevitable epidemics that may present themselves in the future.  FOR NOW   we must cry out to our Governors and Mayors of this Nation to insist on the proper contact tracing system to allow us to create safe workplaces and prevent additional deaths.   Dr. Jeffrey Sachs is a dependable contributor to our Institute's information and entire articles can be read on CNN Opinion:  

Why America has the world's most confirmed Covid-19 ... - CNN


DO BETTER: we are in this together

We are Educating for Peace,

the only agency that is solely advancing the cause of peace in Oregon.

Co-founded in 2001 by Gary Spanovich and the late Senator Mark Hatfield,

the Wholistic Peace Institute is a research, teaching,

and peace-making 501(c)3 corporation that is also known as 

Educating for Peace in Oregon.


We bring World Peace-makers together with students and communities

to inspire, educate and transform our world.  


Notable Advisors to the Institute:    

President F.W. DeKlerk, Arun Gandhi, Ms. Jody Williams     

European Union Ambassador to the US Delegation, Kim Dae-Jung Peace Center    

Amnesty International, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, President Oscar Arias Sanchez

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