Purpose Of The 2005 Summer Peace Institute


The purpose of the Summer Nobel Peace Institute is to bring a Nobel Peace Prizewinner to Portland and with other University Peace Professors, teach a class on world peace and how “peacemakers” can become more effective in working for world peace. This summer we will bring Dr. Robert K. Musil, Executive Director of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prizewinner, Physicians for Social Responsibility to Portland.  Dr. Musil will give a one day lecture on the need for increased human rights in the world and the danger of nuclear war that now hangs over both the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula. The class will explore the 1948 UN Human Rights Resolution; the peace agreements worked out by Nobel Peace Laureates; and attendees will learn how they can work for and teach about these important issues.  The Oregon Department of Education has agreed to offer continuing education credits for Oregon teacher’s who take this class. Teachers who wish this credit should contact Ed Dennis, Chief of Staff, State Supt. Of Education (ed.dennis@state.or.us) for information. This class is a class for social science & teachers; church peace & social justice members; college and high school students; attorneys interested in human rights issues; and all others wishing to understand how peace and human rights work hand in hand with one another.



  • Dr. Robert K. Musil: Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility, (PSR was the 1985 Nobel Peace Prizewinner) will speak on the danger and consequences of nuclear war and the potential for such war in the Middle East and in Korea.

  • Fr. Claude Pomerleau: Ph.D. (Human Rights In Latin America) & Head, University of Portland Peace Studies Department will lead the discussion on human rights issues in Latin America.

  • Rabbi Joshua Stampfer: PSU Professor for over thirty years & Middle East Scholar and will lead the discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

  • Dr. Robert Jun: Korean Scholar, Ph.D. Korea University is an expert on the Korean Conflict and will lead the discussion on human rights in North Korea.

  • Gary Alan Spanovich: Founder of the Wholistic Peace Institute & Faculty of Marylhurst University (12 years); Adjunct at Western Oregon University & University of Portland.


Nobel Peace Prize Winners the Wholistic Institute Has Worked With

His Holiness The Dalai Lama, 1989; Adolfo Perez Esquivel, 1980; Betty Williams, 1976; Amnesty International (Dr. William Schulz), 1977; Physicians For Social Responsibility (Dr. Robert Musil), 1985; Former Pres. Lech Walesa, 1983; Former Pres., Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez, 1987

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