Letter of Invitation to the WPI: The WPI was invited to the conference by: President Mikhal Gorbachev; former Mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni; Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima; Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki of the Hiroshima Prefecture. The letter was extended due to the world peace work the WPI has done over the last ten years with Nobel Peace Laureates. The 11th World Summit was organized by the Permanent Secretariat in Rome, Italy and until this year the events were held in Rome. The WPI worked with the Mayor of Rome and Mikhal Gorbachev in 2003 on a Middle East Conference in Rome.


Dialogue during the Conference and Outcome: 

  • The Nobel Peace Laureates adopted a “Statement” that nuclear weapons can be eliminated from the face of the Earth. They acknowledged that at one point South Africa had the atomic bomb and eliminated it and the technology to build them. They also acknowledged that land mines, cluster bombs, biological weapons and chemical weapons had been eliminated and that governmets must take the next step to ban nuclear weapons and their use for the common humanity of all.

  • The Nobel Peace Laureates also formed a sub-committee to meet again to take a “step of action” to work to elimnate nuclear weapons. 


Work of the WPI With the Nobel Peace Laureates That Has Come From The Hiroshima Conference:

  • The WPI Executive Director met with 12 Nobel Peace Laureates and extended an invitation for them to come to Portland; and in his role as a member of the Board of Trustees of PUST (Pyongyang University) also extended an invitation for them to visit a PUST Peace Conference in Pyongyang, North Korea in September 2011.

  • Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams has accepted an offer to come to Portland and will offer Nobel Lectures to a 2011 Summer Peace Institute to be held at Portland State University and a Student Peace Summit to be held at a local high school.

  • Tenzin Taklha, Chief of Staff to the Dalai Lama also informed: “His Holiness the Dalai Lama is considering a visit to Portland in April 2012 at the invitation of a Tibetan Buddhist Center run by Yangsi Rinpoche.

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