UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS IN OUR SCHOOLS:  You Can Be a Force for Justice by Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Human Rights Activist

Rabbi Arik W. Ascherman Author Lecturer and Universal Human Rights Advocate was speaker for Peace Forum and Student groups in three schools in 2018.

The Wholistic Peace Institute presented a fundraising dinner to support the Torah for Justice, Torat Tzedek, an NGO that defends the human rights of all Israelis and those under Israeli control, advocating for Palestinians socioeconomic justice for Israelis, African asylum seekers and Israel’s Negev Bedouin citizens. Educating for Peace the Wholistic Peace Institute is a 501(c))3 non-governmental organization that works for peace in schools and brings world peace-makers to our student and communities in Oregon.  The Institute’s speaker, Director/Founder Arik W. Ascherman, is a well-known leading human rights advocate and symbol of hope to many Israelis and Palestinians.  The lecture and dinner is in conjunction with the 10th Annual Harold Schnitzer Spirit of Unity Awards brought to Oregon by Educating for Peace, the Wholistic Peace Institute.  This Student Peace Leadership Program awards and recognizes middle and high school peace clubs for their important work in our communities and brings international and national human rights experts into our Oregon School System.  Come hear Arik W. Ascherman explain how” in the human rights field we must have one foot in the grassroots and the other among the decision and opinion makers”.  Field work provides the necessary knowledge and moral voice for being able to successfully go to the courts, the Knesset, the public, the international community, and/or to the press.

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