Our international peace work spans the globe and has involved us with many Nobel Peace Laureates, Presidents and vice Presidents of countries, the united nations, many of the worlds top religious leaders, as well as many humanitarians. We have worked diligently for 15 years to place on the world table new ideas to resolve the Israel Palestinian conflict and new ideas to end the Korean conflict. ; Likewise we have sponsored programs on resolving the "China - Tibet tension." We have worked to assist the homeless Dailet children in India as well as Tibetan refugees in the many Tibetan refugee camps in India. 

  • Gary has presented the ideas of the Nobel Peace Laureates and how they can bring peace at conferences to; 

    • ​The United Nations

    • Kabul Afghanistan working with vice President Kahlili

    • Jerusalem Israel working with UPF and the Bereaved Family Network and Rabbi Arik Asherman at Rabbis for human rights. Also with President Abbas staff.

    • Peace through transportation conferences in China, South Korea and The University of Hawaii

    • Multiple peace conferences in Washington DC, New York city and other east coast cities. 

    • Multiple Peace conferences in India. 

    • Peace conferences in Turkey, and Rome Italy. 

    • Invited guest of Nobel Peace Laureates summits in Hiroshima Japan and Chicago Illinois. 

    • Peace and educational forums at Ponyuang University of Science and Technology in Pyongyang, North Korea. 

    • Peace and educational forums at yambian University of Science and Technology in Yanji, China. 

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