Wholistic Peace Institute's Monthly Luncheons 


At the Educating for Peace celebration of the UN International Day of Peace 2015, the Institute read the Mayor’s Proclamation for this Day in Portland, Oregon.  The participants presented their current actions and new plans and ideas for “Partnerships of Peace” which  were formalized into a letter that will be sent to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.  The Institute and our peace partners have detailed proposals:   to conduct outreach projects with other groups to bring awareness of the needs of the western Native peoples;  to identify the resources for advocacy for tribal rights;  and for petitioning the Governor’s office and the State Legislature and Board of Education in 2016 to include human rights curriculum within the K-12 requirements.

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We have met for lunch and fellowship the third Friday of each month for the past ten years.  We use this time to expound on all variety of issues (interfaith, multi-cultural, morality, education, war prevention, etc.)  and find ways to dialogue on issues that may be pressing in our communities or controversial, intolerable, or incomprehensible.  Our luncheons are a great forum for speakers, bloggers, adventurers to share their knowledge and experience that helps raise awareness for our members and supporters.  All opinions and ideas are welcome.


We meet monthly, typically the third Friday of the month (check our announcement to be certain )New Location is


Szechuan Chef at Johns Landing Water Tower 

5331 SW Macadam Ave
Ste 115
Portland, OR 97239

Heart of Gold Awardees

Neal Keny-Guyer gave the Heart of Gold luncheon group his story of truth and challenge that his organization faces every day. Last Friday, the Wholistic Peace Institute - EDUCATING FOR PEACE honored Keny-Guyer with 2015 Peace makerof the Year award, Ms. Haley Johnsen lent her voice to his being an angel within the complexities of the work of strife and divisiveness. The Heart of Gold Award has been given by Wholistic Peace Institute for 9 years to person’s who areexemplary in their cultivating peace within their daily lives and work. It has been presented to Rev. Rodney Page, Rabbi Joshua Stampfer, and Frank Afranji for their deep belief and work to improve Interfaith relations.

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