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Here in America’s Pacific Northwest we must face that some of our basic human rights are being infringed upon. This fact sets up a platform from which we can Fight Against Fear and Re-establish our Peaceful Home:

• Homeless (Article 21 Right to Adequate Standard of Living),

• Nuclear Annihilation & Techno-phobia - cybertheft, identity theft, online fraud, slavery, indoctrination into cults Jihad (Article 28 Right to a Free and Fair World Peace and Security),

• Bans on immigration (Article 1 Free and Equal),

• Human trafficking (Article 4 Freedom from Slavery),

• Military build-up Neo-Nazis and Anti-fascist resurgence unlike the times after the second world war (28- Right to A Free and Fair World)


WATCH Educating for Peace Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFR6v5TxKCNt28S7_aA4vw

PRACTICE PEACE https://youtu.be/kzmNtrV7Dx8 and send feedback to educatingforpeace1@gmail.com

FEAR #1: Physical Destruction of the Earth’s Climate and Lands

ANTIDOTE: Read and understand the Millennium promises (now called the Sustainable Development Goals) and subscribe to websites that provide truth eg., realclimate.org; Sustainable Development Goals http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/sustainable-development-goals.html and the Peace and Justice Initiative at Columbia University Earth Institute, directed by Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs http://www.earth.columbia.edu/articles/view/2133 Act to uphold Goal SDG 16 = Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

FEAR #2: Depression or Personality Disassociation and Mental Illness - 14th Dalai lama, 1989 Nobel Peace Prizewinner, “ If we can satisfy people at a heart level, peace will ensue Without the basis of coexistence, that is if undesirable social, political, and cultural forms continue to be imposed upon people, peace becomes difficult.” Here the Dalai lama is acknowledging that Fear creates a wall that defines a impossibility to co-exist.

ANTIDOTE: Use the Arsenal of Grace to combat Ungrace and Ways that our world inadvertently hurts others or obstructs their universal rights. Read "What is So Amazing About Grace" by Philip Yancey

FEAR #3: Nuclear Annihilation & Techno-phobia - cybertheft, identity theft, online fraud, sex slavery, indoctrination into cults Jihad

ANTIDOTE: Read "Abundance: the future is Better than you think" by Dr. Peter Diamandis (founder of the XPRIZE), ways to communicate across the globe, to protect and save our loved ones by cell phone warning, GPS locators to draw people together, web based courses, micro banking made popular by Muhammed Yunus 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. Join ICAN www.icanw.org/ 2017 Nobel Peace Prize or other movements to Ban Nuclear Weapons.

We Can and We DO Use Technology for Good and for Practicing and Sharing Peace,

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